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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Recently Purchased a puppy from this location and had a great experience. It was very busy as usual, but you can understand why they have the guidelines they do. These are tiny babies who need tons of care and attention. They play with tons of customers and obviously stay in kennels that they keep clean. As for the pricing, I have seen pictures of the staff visiting our puppies breeder. Before coming to the store I was on fb looking for a puppy and you can see that their are tons of backyard breeders selling puppies for 600-800 dollars where no one does anything to control that...if you prefer to not get a puppy from a mill, then be willing to pay the price... people spend worse money on worse things.

    Same Maha

  • Great store with very cute puppies. All of which come from usda or hobby breeders. Great staff that are doing their best to educate customers who have a different point of view. Don't believe everything you read. If you plan on googling a breeder please make sure it is a government website.

    Christina Meeker

  • One of my favorite places to buy saltwater fish, always running different promos and they train their staff well in the fish department. I recently purchased a puppy from them and he is amazing and he came with so much stuff, we love our new puppy.

    Nick Krenn

  • I've been going to petland for years and my oh my has it changed. Since the new management the people seem to actually have knowledge. the staff are kind and answered any questions i had. The puppies are so cute! and they do sleep since they need rest... just like a child takes a nap during the day. they explained to me how they socialize and i got to play with a cute baby girl husky! as i opened my mind up, i decided to walk to the back of the store and the aquariums were clean and full of life since the last time i was here (1 1/2 years ago). i actually started a saltwater tank. the girls in the aquariums knew so much and i was so surprised to learn so much in one day. i think you have to go for yourself to see what this store has for you. would definitely go again :)

    Maria Drulyk

  • I have been going to Petland with my husband for a few years for my salt water tank and we finally decided to adopt a puppy. I had my concerns at first, but the workers there all reassured me of my worries and helped me prepare to bring my pup home. Hes so happy and healthy I couldn't be any happier! The workers there are amazing and will help you with anything you need. They offer a wide variety of fish and their puppies are the cutest in NY! Highly recommend everyone to visit this pet store!!

    Jackie Bell

  • Friendly staff and adorable, healthy puppies!

    Castiel Winchester

  • Pet land is so awesome!!!the puppies are taken care of amazingly and you can interact with all the animals unlike any other store. And also when we called to ask a question the people that answer the phone are do nice and helpful unlike the people at other pet stores who take forever to talk to you.

    Brenda Shea

  • I loved it because the puppys and kittens are so cute

    ashley whitehead

  • Their dogs are well groomed and at good prices!!!!!!! I just adopted a puppy for 400 dollars and she is so well behaved!

    Maureen Thayer

  • Petland is such a fun place to go, though it can get really busy sometimes, the employees are full of knowledge and can help you with any questions. The animals are absolutely well taken care of and clean. They have tons of treats and toys to choose from too! Go for a visit today!

    Ma S

  • Got my mini dachshund there.

    Sarah Flateau

  • Tons of animals that you can let or play with

    Cody Carter

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