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The name Betta originates from a legendary warrior tribe known as the “Bettah”.Other common nicknames are “Siamese Fighting Fish” and “Rumble Fish”. Interest started more than 150 years ago when the Siamese kept these fish for ornamentation. The most common type of betta (the Libby variety) has long flowing fins and come in a wide variety of colors.

Wild bettas are found in ponds, ditches, rice paddy fields and slow-moving streams in Cambodia and Thailand. The male betta is a solitary fish that quietly eats insects and prepares a bubble next in case a roving female may by chance come along. They require little space to live in, because of their sedentary lifestyle.

Come visit us to view our selection of available fish for sale! At Petland Cicero we have over 1,000 gallons of aquariums housing our Freshwater Fish selection.  Whether you’re looking for your first Goldfish or Betta Fish or looking to add something special to your aquarium we can help you find what you are looking for.

We carry a large selection of freshwater fish for any size aquarium, from the colorful to the functional.  Stop in and see our Cichlids, Angels, Sharks, Tetras, Guppy’s, Plecos Glow Fish and yes Goldfish and many more species, with new fish being added every week.  We even have aquatic plants and feeder fish including livebearers.

Of course Petland has all the needed supplies to either put together a GREAT home for your fish collection or to maintain a heathy and hearty aquarium.  We offer a great selection of aquariums and stands of all sizes and styles, décor, dry ad frozen food, testing kits and of course a huge selection of filters and filter replacement parts for every size and type of aquarium you may have.

Join our Club Pet program to earn rewards towards discounts or free Fish food.  Come in and ask one of our Pet Counselors how you can start taking advantage of our feeding program today!


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